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First Reactions

Here you can read extracts from the reading diaries:
M.B. (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:21

When I read the first pages or chapters of the book, I didn´t like it. I thought it´s a very boring book. There were to much descriptions.
But the next chapters got very interesting and it was nice to read.
But it was very shocking too.
This page is verycool too.

PR (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:23


at first the book was very boring, but in the end it was a bit interesting
I'think it is a book you read in school but I prefere other books
The best articel was about the final solution :)

MAKRPAPA (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:30

Our first impression was,that the book is very boring. The first chapters were to long and boring. But then it was very exciting. The story is interesting and I would recommend the book. I watched the film,too and I think I would recommend the film rather than the book.
We agree with M.B.

M.B. (Gast) - 24. Feb, 20:33

Well, who are you??????????
DRMZ (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:31

At the beginning the book was boring because nothing interesting happened. Besides you didn't know what the story was about and it was a bit strange to read a story that deals with a nine-year-old boy.
Later on you found out the sence of the story and it became more interesting. Especially when Bruno met Shmuel.
While reading the questions which came to my (DR) mind were answered.

MZDR (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:32

We really like your ♥s :D :D :D

MAKRPAPA (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:35

Thank you ♥

We like, that you like it ♥☻☺
DRMZ (Gast) - 24. Feb, 16:28

And we like that you like that we like it :D
PG (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:33

In my opinion, this novel was boring.
I'm not very interesting in these kinds of books, so it was hard for me to get through the novel. I would advice this book to students or even adults, that are interested in the topics, that the book includes. All in all it was a good idea to read this novel, because I got lots of information about the National Socialism.

SIMONE HO (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:35

my first reaction

First I really wanted to read this book, because I thought that it would be interesting. But when I read the first pages I changed my mind very quickly.
In my view the first 100 pages give necessary information for the rest of the book, but they aren't that interesting for a teenager who wants to read an interesting story.
The other 100 pages are interesting but I think that I wouldn't have read them if I didn't have to do this for school.

... (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:39

You have to use SH :)
DS (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:35

it was boring because someone *hustle* Armin *hustle* has told me how it ends. But i think i wouldn't like it more if hadn't been spoilered, because the story was unrealistic and boring. There is no Action at all... But the End wasn't bad, because it was.... the end!

RT (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:37

I don'tlike this comment. I can't agree
L.P. (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:38

Hustler ;D
AD (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:36

So ,honestly my first impression of the book was really bad ,because i didn´t get the message of the book(which you really can´t get in the first chapter).
But after I red the book I was very shocked.This story really moved my heart,because I didn´t know about how awful life was and how people just had the right to humiliate and to demage people.
And I have already watched the film which also touched me.I wolud recommend the book and the film(which I already done)!!!

RT (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:39

Iliked the bokk from the beginninguntil the end. I am not of the opinion that there is too much description. It is exciting to read and very very moving. The story is also realistic! It shows how children see complicated situations and that they aren't prejudiced (Shmuel is a Jew) like the stupid adults.

S.D. (Gast) - 24. Feb, 12:40

First I thought the book would be boring but then it got interesting.
I really enjoyed reading although the ending is sad. I would recommend it because you see the friendship between the commandant's son Bruno and Shmuel, the Jew. Very sad story with a historical background.

L.M. (Gast) - 24. Feb, 16:52

I really like the book, because it tells a terrible and sad storry, that could have happened in reality, in a way that facinates me.
I was impressed of the book from the first moment and never felt bored while reading. Actually, I wanted to find out about the end and couldn´t stop reading.
I would recommend the book, expecially to people who are interested in the National Socialism.

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